Zločin v Polné (2016)

Zločin v Polné

Zločin v Polné

The Crime in Polná

An exciting drama from a detective history. In 1899 a dead girl - seamstress Anežka Hrůzová - was found between the village of Věžnička and the town of Polná. She was 19 and she had a cutting wound on the throat. There was no sexual violence involved and since the local doctors thought that there was not enough blood on the crime scene, everyone jumped to the conclusion that Jews must have killed her and added her blood to their passover matzot. There was a potential murderer at hand too - a cheeky, not very bright young Jewish rover, Leopold Hilsner…

Gen: Film TV Crimă Dramă Istoric

Anul lansarii: 2016

Regizor: Viktor Polesný

Jaroslav Plesl

Zdeno Auředníček

Gabriela Míčová

Anna Auředníčková

Karel Roden

T. G. Masaryk

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